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History, objective, audience and success
The Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN or The Network) is made up of 130 domains. Many of these are targeted directly at the travel industry, primarily Alpine destinations and Thailand. The domains are so specifically named that they instantly describe the contained content, theme and destination.

An early start (1995) on the World Wide Web gave ATN founder Bill Fogarty the opportunity to choose the very best names in their related fields. This diverse portfolio of travel related web sites attract more than 6 million page views a year. More than 2 million unique visitors form this valuable audience annually. The majority is actively seeking travel-related information. The emphasis on unique targeting of domains makes ATN an ideal advertising medium for those in the travel industry.

The effectiveness and value of these domains to advertisers is reflected in click through success. An average of more than 10% click through ratio is generated by advertisements sold by ATN’s own sales force and advertisements placed, counted and paid for, by other globally recognized networks

Geographical allotment
Although ATN is one unique and successful entity, The Network is further compartmentalized into specific geographical or activity-related sub-networks. This makes the targeting aspect even more precise. This combination of unerringly accurate domain names, positioning on major search engines as well as its diverse portfolio of website assets, provides ATN a competitive advantage in the burgeoning online travel market.

Main geographical networks concentrate on but are not limited to, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Thailand. As well more general but still geographically pinpointed domains deal with holidays in Europe in general, individual countries within Europe and Alpine destinations and pursuits. Activity related domains include those dealing with golf, diving, last-minute travel and luxury, Domains that focus on geographical locations outside our main focus areas and those dealing with subjects such as gambling and airports have yet to be developed fully. They share, however the unique targeting aspect of The Network's fully developed domains and as such represent a viable opportunity for advertisers or those selling related holidays.

Activelifestyle Applications
ATN has also developed applications that deal with online reservations, point-to-point air ticketing and tracking the success of online advertising campaigns. The applications, ManagEasy, EasyAirticket and EasyAdTracker, have achieved a recognized degree of success both for in house and advertiser use.

Competitive strengths for the Network and for the travel buyer
and seller
ATN has a number of competitive advantages that will make life easier for both travel buyer and seller. These points are self-evident.

  • Intuitive domain names. As 60% of visitors find domains by simply “guessing” and keying in domain names, many ATN visitors find the information they seek, through an ATN site in precisely this manner. Examples can be found throughout The Network; we will site here and as but two examples.
  • The targeted nature of the domains, plus The Network’s longevity result in a first page placement for most major domains an almost all leading search engines.
  • Recognizing this a leading search engine pays ATN significant sums to feature its client’s advertisement on many ATN sites.
  • A 90% plus rate of repeat from many advertisers that have been with The Network in print and online for more than a quarter of a century.
  • A small family of propriety, web-based applications that allow advertisers to take secure, credit card backed, reservations or requests, track ATN campaigns, create and manage their own advertisements and sell point-to-point air tickets.
  • Location specific, original content for prospective travelers. This is constantly updated for timeliness and accuracy.


















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