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The Activelifestyle Travel Network is a 130 domain Internet Travel Network that specializes in destination information for the consumer and solutions for the travel trade.

The biggest Activelifestyle Asset is in the names. Because of their unique focus on  specific destinations and activities, Activelifestyle Network domains attract close to 3 million perfectly targeted unique visitors annually. It is a reasonable assumption that all of them have an interest in traveling to or within the featured destination and participation in the featured activity.

Even closer focus intensity comes from the fact that many domains are not only destination specific, but have a particular activity attached to them as well. Skiing, winter sports, golfing and gambling are examples. To see the extent of the focus intensity visit www.activelifestyle.com.

Early entry (1995) to the World Wide Web allowed Activelifestyle the opportunity to choose the best names in the highly specialized world of niche travel. Because Activelifestyle domains perfectly describe the content found within and because they are aimed at and directly hit unique segments of the travel industry, they are successful in attracting visitors and advertisers.

Our original content consists of a huge amount of destination information that includes maps, slide shows, original stories, hotels, tours, interactive chat rooms and pricing. In fact it is designed to and delivers, every bit of information needed to make it easier for the traveler to make a decision for his/her next vacation or business trip.

Trade solutions applications

Our trade solutions consist of the Activelifestyle-developed reservations and management application, ManagEasy, the point-to-point airline sales application, EasyAirTicket and the advertising results tracking application, EasyAdTracker.


As the first of Activelifestyle designed travel trade solutions, ManagEasy offers a host of advantages to hoteliers and travel agents. Plus it makes it easier, faster and more secure for buyers to communicate with the supplier. This results in more sales. Like other worthy travel trade solutions, ManagEasy remains a work in progress. For more than five years ManagEasy has been upgraded and refined into an application that can take requests or real time bookings and capture credit card details in ease and security.

It can also capture funds. ManagEasy’s organizational console makes tracking requests, reservations and payments easier to manage, thus saving on manpower costs.

For the consumer ManagEasy affords an easy, quick and secure method of providing travel suppliers with exact travel details and needs. This eliminates much of the email exchange activity that often follows an original, unspecific request. The result again is great savings in time and greater satisfaction for buyer and seller.

Activelifestyle Global Travel Auction

ManagEasy has been further developed to accommodate a travel auction format. This allows the viewer to see travel products and services for sale by auction and to easily make a bid in a secure environment. Activelifestyle staff evaluates the bid and decides whether to accept. Upon acceptance secure credit card solutions allow for complete payment through our bank in Thailand or in the case of American Express, on line with Activelifestyle.

For the travel supplier entering products or services to be sold at auction is a simple, quick and secure process. Password protected, this process allows for input of a photo and description of the product or service to be sold. A “reserve bid” is entered and all bids are sent direct to the vendor’s email address. Whether to accept any bid is down to the travel supplier. To participate in an auction the travel supplier can chose to pay by barter of goods or services or a daily fee. 


Activelifestyle also developed the point-to-point airline ticketing application, EasyAirTicket. This application makes it easier for tour operators and travel agents to direct sell point-to-point air tickets with or without land arrangements. Like ManagEasy, it is equipped to take credit cards to secure a purchase. It too boasts a fully functioning, work and time saving control panel. Easy on line addition of point-to-point air travel arrangements and/or packages that include air travel are an added advantage for the supplier.

For the consumer’s part EasyAirTicket allows for quick visualization of offers, and if any, land arrangements. It then provides for easy ordering and the opportunity to secure the purchase with a valid credit card or indeed, in some instances, capture of funds. 


EasyAdTracker was developed to follow the process of advertisements on The Activelifestyle Network It allows advertisers to measure the success of various campaigns that are featured on any of the various Activelifestyle sites.

Activities reported on include; page views of a featured advertisement; click though counts that tell how many visitors went from the Activelifestyle domain to that of an advertiser; percentages of clicks against page views; the origin of visitors as a general overview.  Naturally this information is password and user name protected for each advertiser.

Activelifestyle History

What is today Activelifestyle started life in 1978 as Euro Ski Magazine. Euro Ski was as an annual publication for English speaking skiers living and working in Europe. It then was divided into 5 different publications and featured various alpine countries and resorts. Three years later we launched Golf Travel Magazine and about 5 years after that Travel and Style Thailand, a monthly free newspaper was launched for travelers in  Thailand. 

In 1995 we heard about the Internet and decided to give it a try. The object was to put all of the titles under "one roof" so to speak. The name Activelifestyle was selected as an indicator of our content subjects. At that time we had been print publishing for about 17 years. After simply uploading content to the Activelifestyle domain we got more feedback in the first 17 days than we did in our previous 17 years of print publishing. Immediately the alpine domains were registered and the rest, as they say, is history.

.Activelifestyle Sales, Marketing and production

Our offices are in Bangkok, Thailand. We also employ a small telephone sales operation here to sell and service Asian advertising. Our Pacific Place offices also house our programmers, designers and administration.

The goal is to form an International telephone sales call center based also in Bangkok. However spoken English is not up to par to see Internationally and Thai laws do not easily allow for foreigners to legally do the job. Because of that Activelifestyle is looking at forming profit sharing relationships with other International based sales centers.

Activelifestyle Management

Since its inception in 1978, Bill Fogarty (CDN) has run Activelifestyle. His history in publishing, advertising sales, layout and design and distribution has been valuable in the changeover from print to Internet and other multi media forms of distribution. 

Linda Maxted (GB) has been with the company for a total of 20 years. Linda has been active and successful in the fields of sales, sales management, training and works from London and, basically wherever she is needed. Linda is a consistency and degree of professionalism and experience that is most valuable.

Geoffrey Blake (AUS) is a shareholder and working partner that brings a wealth of printing design, layout and business skills to the firm. Mr. Blake is a board member and consults in banking and finance issues. Besides the people mentioned above Activelifestyle has 3 programmers, six web designers, one reservations person and two that work on data bases and reservations engines input. We contract out most of our daily bookkeeping and financial recording work as we feel this saves time and money.

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